"Students are given good quality careers education and advice to ensure that choices for courses and future destinations are balanced and realistic." (Ofsted)


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Independent Advice and Guidance is available to students in Years 11-13 who are considering their future pathways

Please find here a useful letter from our Independent Careers Adviser Karen Gallagher of Careers Connect. She is still able to offer remote support so please read her letter and feel free to contact her if needed.

Please find below our latest careers bulletin. These are generally aimed at 6th form students but are also sent by email to year 11 and now year 10 students so they can start to familiarise themselves with the type of opportunities they may want to consider over the next few years. The current situation means that information is quite scarce but we will continue to publicise anything that we feel may help or support you . There are quite a lot of apprenticeships opportunities listed for those considering that avenue.

Please contact if you need any support or have any questions

SMA Careers Team

Careers Lead – Mrs C Roberts
Careers Team Contact –
Tel: 0151 427 1825

Careers Education and Guidance at St Margaret's encourages the co-operation and involvement of parents, students, employers and Career Connect. If parents or pupils have any matters you wish to discuss please see Mrs C Roberts or one of the careers team in school

Careers Education Programme

Social mobility is vital for an efficient economy and a happy nation. Sadly, England does not score well in this regard. Schools' Careers Departments have a vital role to play in improving that situation by nurturing ambition and countering any hint of a low-aspirations culture.

Our aim is to prepare all pupils for future success by providing a full programme of careers advice, information and guidance that is stable, structured and delivered by individuals with the right skills and experience. This will enable them to make ambitious choices for their futures.

We will also provide good quality, meaningful opportunities for them to encounter both the world of work and other education/training providers.

The "St Margaret's Pathway" is a whole-school approach that structures our careers advice and guidance programme. It draws extensively on outside agencies such as the Careers Enterprise Company, a local Enterprise hub, Career Connect and Elevate (The education Business partnership) – and a strong in-house team.

Pre-14 our strategic priority is to ensure all students aim high. As early as Year 7 we organise an aspirational University Unzipped event and an introduction to our independent Career Connect advisor. This is followed up in subsequent years by a business mentoring programme, appropriate enterprise events, employer encounters and timely advice and guidance for the options processes in Years 8 and 9.

Two individual interviews, a one-week Work Experience placement for all, employer talks, a Careers Fair and a speed-networking event all take place in Key Stage 4. In line with our intent, bespoke interventions (eg one-to-one interviews) to raise aspirations are arranged as required.

In year 7 – you will be challenged to think about the careers that are linked to the different subjects you study and will have participated in some introductory enterprise and careers related activities.

In Year 8 and 9, you will be given access to a software application online (Fast Tomato) that help you investigate careers choices. You are encouraged to explore career ideas using this computer package. Such tools allow you to answer questions relating to what you enjoy, thus giving you a number of accurate career pathways and provide a detailed overview of a wide range of careers including likely jobs, potential salaries and requirements for the role (e.g. degree etc.)

In Year 9, you will also participate in a Careers day, this year it will be "Whats Your Emergency". This is led by a number of employers and professionals.

In Learning for Life you will have the opportunity to explore the local labour market information and the links between what you learn in our curriculum subjects and future careers.

The Careers programme in Year 10 includes a compulsory week-long work experience placement to enable you to develop skills for the world of work, including teamwork, communication. This has a taught element, delivered in core-PE time for at least 5 sessions leading up to you going out on placement after Spring Half-Term.

There is usually a Careers Fair/Meet the Professionals event in Year 10 which involves encounters on a speed networking basis with a wide range of people from the local labour market.

In Year 11 we host visiting speakers; a programme of careers talks from industry experts; guidance on post 16 choices; writing CV's; developing interview techniques and writing letters of application. Year 11 also have the chance to participate in a mock interview.

Career Connect Service

The Career Connect Service is a national organisation that we subscribe to. They work in partnership with schools to provide help and advice for young people. Career Connect Personal Advisers provide up-to-date, independent advice and guidance about education, training and employment opportunities. The Careers Connect Personal Advisers take group sessions and aim to interview the majority of Year 11 students but are also available to support Year 9, 10 and Sixth Form students each year.

The Careers Connect Personal Adviser is Karen Gallagher. The advisor spends at least a day in school each week and you can request an appointment by speaking with the school Careers team Students can also access support via the Careers Connect website or by appointment in Careers Connect Offices across the city.

Work Inspiration Programme (Work Experience)

In Year 10, you will participate in the Work Inspiration Programme. This programme involves five lessons, during core PE time on a carousel basis, preparing you for the world of work with insight from industry experts; followed by a placement of a week taking place after February Half Term. You will have the opportunity to organise your own placement if you have a suitable contact. This will provide you with an invaluable opportunity to sample the world of work, working alongside experienced professionals to learn new skills and enhance your future CV and Personal Statement.

Some important points to consider before making your option choices:

  • Be realistic; assess your own strengths, abilities and interests.
  • Don't be over influenced by the decisions of friends. Seek advice from teachers, Parents/carers, careers advisers, employers and older students.
  • If you have an idea for a future career, check for any specific subject requirements utilising software tools and sites we will make available (e.g. Fast Tomato)
  • Choose subjects that interest you and that you are good at.
  • Use the careers literature available on the school website and noticeboards and bulletins circulated and software to start thinking carefully about your future.
  • Read this options booklet carefully and use the knowledge gained in your careers education lessons in Learning for Life to help you make your decision.

Details of the weekly careers programme can be found here:

Careers Plan Years 7 to 13 (2018-19)

Careers plan 7 to 11 (2019-20)

This school measures and assesses the impact of its careers programme and progress towards objectives using the compass evaluation tool and through collecting and analysing pupil voice. Our latest impact statement will be published shortly.

Our policy statement setting out the circumstances in which providers of technical education and apprenticeships will be given access to year 8 to 13 pupils can be found here.

Provider Access Statement

Easter Holidays 2020

Easter Holidays 2020


Pupils in Year 12 and 13 receive regular e-bulletins of careers opportunities, courses, apprenticeships as well as uni-taster day information.


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