Year 7 - Welcome to the Year 7 Area

Reading for Spring

We hope all students enjoy reading more.

Year 7 Information Evening

Please use the following links to find information about Maths and Maths Homework that was given to parents at the Year 7 evening.

Please click here to view the Information for Parents area of the website and booklet.


Year 7 Homework was set in the week commencing September 9th.

Please click here to visit the general whole school homework area of the website

Show My Homework

Pupils have been issued SMHW login credentials in their computing lessons. This has enabled them to set up their accounts linked with their school email addresses.

Pupils can also access SMHW via the app on their mobile device. They will have set this up after they logged in for the first time in school using the account credentials they set up in school - ie: their school email address and password (which will be the same as their network password). Having done this, pupils will see any specific homework set for them.

It is also possible to visit the whole school Show My Homework pages and search for any homework set for a class.

IXL Maths

Pupils should do half an hour of Maths four times a week – a total of 2 hours (120 minutes) a week.


There are five pieces of reading each week and one piece of French work.

Full instructions on how to do this homework are contained in the booklet.

Subject Homework

Your subject teachers will set the work on SMHW. You will need to use these Knowledge Organiser booklets to support your learning