Collective Worship

Weekly Access to Worship (See Worship Rota)


  • Y7, Y10, Y11, Y12 & 13 Registration, form worship and homework/personal planner review.
  • Y8 & Y9 Registration, followed by worship in the Drama Hall.


  • Whole school form worship.


  • Y8 & Y9 Registration, form worship and homework/personal planner review.
  • Y10 & Y11 Registration, followed by worship in the Drama Hall.
  • Y7 Registration, followed by year worship in the church.
  • Y12 & Y13 alternate with the 2 week timetable between year worship in the diner and form worship.


  • Y7 & Y8 Registration, followed by worship in the Drama Hall.
  • Y9, Y10 & Y11 Registration, form worship and homework/personal planner review.
  • Y12 & Y13 Registration, followed by worship in the church.


  • Y9 & Y10 Registration, followed by worship in the Drama Hall.
  • Y7, Y8, Y12 & Y13 Registration, form worship and homework/personal planner review.
  • Y11 Registration, followed by year worship in the church.

Year Worship

Students gather together once every half term to worship with their year group, which is led by their Head of Year.

Holy Communion

These are celebrated by the Rev. Ian Greenwood and invited Anglican Priests in either St. Anne’s Church or the School Chapel.  As well as the Holy Communions, for the whole School, that mark the beginning of each academic term, there are also other occasions on which they are fitting.  It is our custom to welcome Year 7 students and their families to School in the context of a Holy Communion Service, similarly the Year 11 and Year 13 students take their leave of school with a Special Leavers’ Service in St. Anne’s. The Year 11 and Y13 Leaver’s Service helps us to give thanks for all that the students’ have achieved for themselves during their years in school. The festival and seasons of the Church Year are marked appropriately with Holy Communion and other forms of corporate worship. Every fourth Thursday of each half term students, parents, staff and governors are invited to celebrate Holy Communion at 8am in the chapel. The Academy invites a number of different clergy in to represent the whole spectrum of the Church of England.


Although the overwhelming majority of pupils take part in religious education lessons and morning worship, the right of parents to withdraw a boy is respected. It is hoped that parents who have reservations about the subject will discuss the concerns with the Principal before withdrawing their child and, in the event of withdrawal an alternative scheme of worship should be provided by the parents and agreed by the school.

Worship Themes

Week Date Theme Calendar Events
1 04/09/2017 Welcome Feast of the Birth of the Virgin Mary 08/09)  
2 11/09/2017 New Beginnings/Values Feast of the Holy Cross  (14/09) Year 8 & Year 9 Communion
Year 7 Welcome Communion
3 18/09/2017 Endurance Feast of St Matthew (21/09) Year 10 & 11 Communion
4 25/09/2017 Friendship Feast of Michael & All Angels (29/09) Community Communion  08.00am
5 02/10/2017 Respect Feast of St Francis of Assisi (04/10)  
6 09/10/2017 Encouragement Edward the Confessor (13/10) Celebration Week
7 16/10/2017 Journeys Feast of St Luke (18/10) Prizegiving
Half Term        
8 30/10/2017 All Saints All Saints Day - Honouring all Christian  Martyrs
All Souls Day (02/11)
Year 7 Community Programme
Year 7 Retreat Day
9 06/11/2017 Remembrance Armistice 11/11 Remembrance Service
10 13/11/2017 Peace   Yes Chef
11 20/11/2017 Thankfulness   Community Communion  08.00am
12 27/11/2017 Hope St Andrew (30/11) Yes Chef
13 04/12/2017 Advent: Preparation Advent  
14 11/12/2017 Advent: Giving         
15 18/12/2017 Advent :Celebration   Prayer Space Week
Carol Service at Liverpool Cathedral
Christmas     Christmas (25/12)
Naming and Circumcision of Jesus (02/01)
16 08/01/2018 Epiphany Epiphany /Baptism of our Lord (06/01) Year 7 – 11 Epiphany Communion Services
17 15/01/2018 Prayer Week of prayer for Christian Unity (18-26 / 01)
Your Right Hand, O Lord, Glorious in Power," Ex 15:6
18 22/01/2018 Compassion The Conversion of Paul (25/01)
Holocaust Memorial Day (27/01)
Yes Chef
19 29/01/2018 Fellowship Candlemas & Presentation of Christ (02/02) Community Communion  08.00am
20 05/02/2018 Love   Yes Chef
Half Term     Shrove Tuesday/ Ash Wednesday  
21 19/02/2018 Lent- Forgiveness    
22 26/02/2018 Lent- Trust St David (01/03)  
23 05/03/2018 Lent- Mothers/Carers   Community Communion  08.00am
24 12/03/2018 Lent- Justice St Patrick (17/03)  
25 19/03/2018 Journey Through Holy Week Feast of St Joseph (19/03)
The Annunciation (25/03)
Note- next week is Holy Week
Prayer Space Week
Easter/Spring Break     Holy Week
26 09/04/2018 Service    
27 16/04/2018 Freedom    
28 23/04/2018 Humility St George (23/04)
St Mark (25/04)
29 30/04/2018 Preparation   Community Communion  08.00am
30 07/05/2018 Discipleship Ascension Day (10/05)  
31 14/05/2018 Gifts of the Spirit Pentecost (20/05)  
32 21/05/2018 Diversity Trinity Sunday (27/05)  
Half Term     Corpus Christi (31/05)  
33 04/06/2018 Wisdom     
34 11/06/2018 Faith    
35 18/06/2018 Creation St John the Baptist (24/06)  
36 25/06/2018 Courage St Peter and St Paul (29/06) Community Communion  08.00am
37 02/07/2018 Who is Jesus?    
38 09/07/2018 Joy    
39 16/07/2018 Rest St Margaret the Virgin – School Patron Saint (20/07) Prayer Space Week
      St Anne (26/07)  
End of Year