Business Studies Department

Because we "value" each individual for "who […they] are and who […they] could become", there is a significant element of choice in our curriculum: we give all learners options to personalise what they learn, underlining their worth and teaching that in a "Christian community", diversity is openly celebrated.

Business Studies Department


We all interact with Business every day. A good understanding of how Business works is therefore essential for life in modern Britain.

Locally, a lower-than-average proportion of adults are self-employed. Higher levels of 'Business literacy' are therefore a priority for our city.

These two drivers – preparation for everyday life and for future employment – lead us to a curriculum that is rich in a wide variety of real-life examples, that reflects the constant changes in the Business world, and that stimulates engagement with our subject outside the classroom (eg through current affairs) too. Given our place in the options system, we ensure each Key Stage's curriculum is a self-contained unit of study too.

Additionally, our Year 9 curriculum is designed to give students a taste of our subject before their GCSE choices, and (more importantly) to give them an insight into how Business affects our daily lives in an engaging way even after they may have decided to drop our subject.

As part of a whole-school curriculum, we value and exploit any links between Business and other subjects (eg Maths, and accountancy skills).


In line with the whole-school curriculum intent, Business education is implemented inclusively. All students have the right to challenging classroom experiences regardless of prior attainment, and the resources we provide for our learners reflect this.

We ensure, in line with the local imperative underpinning our intent, that many of our case studies feature local businesses and employers.

Extra-curricular trips and visits are a vital component of our curriculum delivery. Trips to local businesses and visits to school by local entrepreneurs are a regular feature of our provision. A Share Club in school provides extra insight into the workings of a Stock Exchange.


We believe in the importance of regular, low-stakes assessment tasks. Short assessments of key terms take place fortnightly across all years.

More summative, extended assessments, take place every half-term again across all years in the main school. The outcomes inform our selfevaluation of how effective we have been in educating our students about the world of Business, its needs and operation.

Author: C Cooke


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