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Kitted Out - Covid19 Guide to School Uniforms
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Acceptable Shoe Policy

The Academy has a uniform and all students are expected to wear it.

  • a) A black blazer with a school badge.
  • b) Orthodox dark grey or black trousers.
  • c) House tie.
  • d) White shirt.
  • e) If a pullover is worn it should be a school pullover or a PLAIN black pullover with a V neck.
  • f) Black shoes of an orthodox design and sober-coloured socks (not white).
  • g) A dark blue/black/navy raincoat or anorak. We do not recommend expensive designer wear is brought to school.
  • h) A plain bag is needed for carrying books and games kit.
  • i) An overall/boiler suit/apron to wear during some practical lessons.


Football and Rugby - Boots, Football Shirt, Rugby Shirt, Black Shorts, Red Stockings.

Athletics and PE - White Vest with Black Band, Black Shorts, White Socks, Gym Shoes.

Cricket - Parents are encouraged to buy Cricket Whites and Boots.

Optional Extras - Training shoes - these are acceptable for CERTAIN ACTIVITIES ONLY – a list of these activities will appear in school.

NB: Complete school uniform must be worn to school matches and other activities.

These items are available from the school suppliers:


298 St Marys Road, Garston, L19 0NQ
0151 345 3797

AMJ Schoolwear Ltd

48-50 London Road, Liverpool, L3 5NF
0151 709 7009

Kitted Out

333 Aigburth Road, Liverpool, L17 0BL
0151 727 2000

All articles of clothing should be clearly marked with the student’s name.

Further information regarding the purchase of these items by intake students will be sent to parents during the summer term after their admission to the school has been confirmed.


It is expected that all students take a pride in their uniform and are well presented at all times. Students are issued with a Uniform Card each half term which they must carry with them. This Uniform Card system enables the issue of appropriate sanctions to students who fail to maintain the required standard of appearance.

Hair colour and style must be appropriate for school. If the length of the hair falls below the collar it must be tied back with a plain black bobble. Long fringes must also be held back with a plain black bobble. If in doubt ask for guidance. To maintain a high standard of appearance during the day students are not permitted to wear outer garments/coats in the building. Hooded garments are not allowed to be worn.

Jewellery, Laser Pens and Mobile Phones

Jewellery of any kind, including earrings are not to be brought to school. Laser pens are not permitted in school. Any jewellery or laser pens will be confiscated and returned on receipt of a note from a parent.

Since we recognise the need for students and parents to contact each other at short notice on occasions, students are permitted to carry mobile phones but they must not be used whilst on the school site. Students who break this rule will have their phone confiscated and returned on receipt of a note from a parent. We insist that any messages or enquiries from parents are made through the school office, using the usual land lines, whilst students are on site.

Loss of Personal Property

The Governors do not accept responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, personal property including bicycles on school premises. Every reasonable care will be taken by the school to ensure the safety of students’ property.


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