Careers Programme

"Students are given good quality careers education and advice to ensure that choices for courses and future destinations are balanced and realistic." (Ofsted)

Careers Programme

Our Programme (2021-22 currently under review)

Year 7

  • The Reach Programme (Delivered by Careers Connect) the focus of which is on raising aspirations, the importance of resilience including sessions on the 4 key elements of Mental Toughness: Confidence, Challenge, Commitment and Control as well as looking at self-awareness, skills and goal setting. The sessions will relate to work in school, the world of work as well as everyday life.
  • Introduction to LMI information and Careers with our Career’s Adviser
  • University Unzipped Event in partnership with Northumbria University


Year 8

  • Introduction to the Fast Tomato Application that allows students to investigate careers choices. They are encouraged to explore career ideas using this computer package. Such tools allow them to answer questions relating to what they enjoy, thus giving them a number of accurate career pathways and provide a detailed overview of a wide range of careers including likely jobs, potential salaries and requirements for the role (e.g. degree etc.)
  • Information and guidance around LMI to coincide with any options for Year 9 e.g. MFL choice and IT/Computer Science etc.


Year 9

  • Meet the Professionals- Employer Encounters
  • Challenging Stereotypes


Year 10

  • LMI and Jobs for Tomorrow
  • Preparing for the place of work sessions
  • Week of Work Experience


Year 11

  • Careers Interviews with an Independent Careers Adviser
  • Study skills including ‘What’s Next?’, CV writing and Challenges Change and Transition
  • Introduction to Apprenticeships- the routes


Year 12 and 13

  • Careers Live Fair
  • UCAS Day
  • Work Experience Week
  • Finance Talks
  • Personal Statement Workshops
  • Interview Skills
  • Mock Interviews
  • ‘Get a Life’ Financial Planning Session


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