The aim of the Association of former students of St Margaret's schools, known as the Essemmay Association, is to foster good fellowship between former students and staff and to support the school in its aims.


Old Boy's Awards 2012-13

On Friday 12th July 2013, the Essemmay Association of former students were proud to present the St Margaret's Old Boys Football Club Awards & Launch Night 2013.

The evening began with the Essemmay Association's Annual General Meeting, for which the committee were joined by old boys Eric Butter, Arthur Menlove and Richard Thompson, who had actually travelled over from Las Vegas to be at the event whilst making his way around the UK. It was fantastic to see him and there will be more about his time here in the Friends Magazine this winter.

The Awards Night then got underway with Host Peter Oliver introducing Quiz Master, Andrew McCaldon.

Following the quiz, Secretary Greg McLean presented a video reviewing the season that was recorded by Radio City's leading sports commentator, Steve Hothersall. A massive thank you goes to Steve for his support with that.

The Awards then began, with the following being rewarded;

First-Joint Most Improved Player

  • Adam Smith

Second-Joint Most Improved Player

  • Daniel Carney

First-Joint Clubman of the Year

  • Liam Jeffery

Second-Joint Clubman of the Year

  • Danny McCrystal

Outstanding Contribution Awards 2011-2013

  • Phil Hunt
  • Danny McCrystal
  • Adam Smith
  • Paul Whittle

Goal of the Season

  • John Towner

The Goal of the Season Award was slightly different to other awards, with BBC Radio Merseyside's Mike Hughes agreeing to provide a match commentary of the goal in question. It was a great feature on the night.

There was then a break as the buffet was opened and everyone enjoyed the work of the St Margaret's Catering team who we thank very much for the excellent food provided.

After the food had been polished off, it was time to present the following Awards;

Top Goalscorer Award

  • Chris McGrail

3rd Place – Manager's Player of the Year

  • Jamie Hilton

2nd Place – Manager's Player of the Year

  • John Harvey

Finally, the winner of the night's big award went to the very deserving

1st Place – Manager's Player of the Year

  • Jack Robinson

There was then time for the big raffle prize draw, with prizes to the value of over £500.00 on offer, the club raised substantial funds – so thank you to everyone who bought a ticket.

Robert Lawton, Assistant Headteacher was then invited as a special guest to present the St Margaret's Old Boys Coaching Staff with their Awards for their contributions. He also said that the school and PE department would continue to support the club in its recruitment and wished everyone all the success possible. Thank you to Rob for his support.

Chairman John Foulkes MBE then rounded off the evening as he thanked the Committee for their hard work and Secretary, Greg McLean, for his excellent organisational skills and running of the club behind the scenes as we continue to go from strength to strength.

Thanks must go to all who attended on the night, those who bought raffle tickets, those who sold raffle tickets, the club's committee for their efforts, the Management team for their hard work on the field, the players and also our special guests; Rob Lawton, Billy Robinson & Geoff Laird.

Also, our sincere gratitude has to go to our new shirt sponsor, Kitted Out Schoolwear and the Parents Association, as well as new friends and partners, The Storrsdale Public House.


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