Sex Education

Sex Education is studied within the Science National Curriculum by all students. Technical vocabulary of sex and sexual changes are discussed in detail and the students are encouraged to take into consideration the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural aspects of the topic and of family values.

All students study Religious Studies from year 7 through to Year 11 and acquire a full GCSE in this subject. At GCSE they study an ethical module on Sexual Relationships. This means that students explore the moral dimensions of sexual relationships and the problems faced by adolescences in regards to sex and church teachings on the matter.

We also provide sex education within Learning for Life for within the Year 7 and Year 10 programme. As a C of E school we feel it important that this is dealt with in a sensitive way by people with a faith background from the local community. Therefore we employ an outside agency who run a 5-week programme for Year 7, highlighting the issues of puberty and relationships. The course is modified for Year 10 to include changes in puberty and contraception.