Life as a Sixth Form Student

"As a school, you take teachers’ workload into consideration and show concern for their welfare." (Ofsted)

Life as a Sixth Form Student

Life as a Sixth Form Student

St Margaret’s students benefit from a self-contained centre. With its own entrance, corridor, lockers, diner and classrooms, as well as the supervised areas of the Internet Lounge and Study Centre, which enables students to feel part of a community.

Students are allocated to a form group upon joining Sixth Form and therefore have a form tutor who is available to support their educational and pastoral needs on a daily basis. Assemblies are held twice per week and every Tuesday, the Learning for Life programme is delivered with a host of interesting talks, presentations and activities taking place.

Lessons are predominantly taught in the Sixth Form Centre with break and lunch provided in the Sixth Form Café/Bistro.

Students are encouraged to put forward their suggestions on potential menus and dishes they would like to see via the Committee.

The Sixth Form team are on hand from 8.30am until 4.30pm weekdays and are happy to help with any queries or questions you may have.

Student Intervention Plan (Sip)

Here at St Margaret’s Sixth Form, we have an active intervention and support strategy through our Student Intervention Plan (SIP). If at any time you are, perhaps, struggling with the workload or a particular part of the course, we will be able to offer support to help you successfully overcome these hurdles.

The success behind the SIP programme is the nature of care provided by subject tutors and the Sixth Form team. You will be given support on potential revision techniques, after-school help, mentoring and monitoring. The SIP system is a positive way of getting you back on track and moving in a positive direction.

Education is about far more than chemicals, conjunctions and crotchets! As a community, we seek to foster WISDOM and true insight into the way life works – an understanding of the consequences of our thoughts, words and actions and an awareness of the true value of things. Such wisdom is rooted in a proper reverence for God: as the Psalmist puts it, “the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom”.

St Paul looked back on his life and was able to say that he had “run the race” right to the end. All those involved in education need to demonstrate similar levels of ENDURANCE – learning is the ultimate life-long task, a marathon not a sprint. By showing patience and resilience we will ensure that no-one is left behind, and that all are able to achieve their God-given potential.

These values will be all the easier for us if we show COMPASSION. Compassion is more than just sympathy: like Jesus, we aim to put ourselves in other people’s shoes, understand their point of view, then do something about it – and thus to grow in faith.

Underpinning all of these, we seek to be a community at PEACE. St Paul describes God as the God of peace. We therefore seek to demonstrate harmony, stability and security within our Christian community, downplaying dissention and accentuating the positive.


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