Sixth Form Applications Information

"As a school, you take teachers’ workload into consideration and show concern for their welfare." (Ofsted)

Sixth Form Applications Information

St Margaret’s operates an open Sixth Form, whereby students are admitted without reference to sex or family religious commitment, but who have shown by their effort and application that they wish to continue their education in a Christian school.

It is expected that successful applicants will have fulfilled the General Conditions of Entry together with the Minimum Academic Requirements as agreed by the Faiths Partnership member schools.

General Conditions of Entry

  • The Sixth Form is able to provide a suitable course.
  • The student meets the minimum academic requirements and specific subject requirements as laid down.

Level 3 Courses

For entry to courses, students will be required to fulfil the minimum academic requirements as laid down by the individual subject departments.

All students will undertake a minimum of three subjects, some students may study more. Some subjects will require special aptitudes or skills which will be reflected in a higher GCSE requirement. Students should be prepared to accept the advice offered, as this is based on teachers’ experience and will have a direct bearing on the graces achieved.

Who May Apply?

Each year, up to 140 students in total are admitted to Year 12 at the age of 16, of whom we welcome up to an estimated 40 external applicants. All candidates are treated equally and are offered a consultation to ensure that they are matched to the courses that will most likely lead to their future success. Admission requirements for each course are to be found in the subject details published by each department.

Where a course is oversubscribed, GCSE results will be used and students with the best GCSE results, most appropriate to the course, will be admitted.

Students from schools not associated with St. Margaret's are therefore welcome to apply. St. Margaret's has a mixed Sixth Form and welcomes applications from both young women and men.


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