Year 8 - Welcome to the Year 8 Area

Reading for Spring

We hope all students enjoy reading more.

With effect from this Spring Term we are operating a new, centrally monitored "whole school" reading scheme in Year 8.

There are five pieces of reading each week and one piece of French work.

Full instructions on how to do this homework are contained in the booklet.

Paper copies of the booklet will be issued in form time and the scheme commences from Monday 13th January. Deadlines for submission of work are on SMHW.

Any questions about the programme should be directed to Mrs C Roberts, who is overseeing our Year 7 and 8 homework initiatives.

IXL System

Maths Hw in year 8 is to use the IXL system to complete a minimum of 4 x 30 minute sessions. These should be separate sessions please on the level as advised on SMHW.

Maths HW activity reports will be checked each Thursday, for the previous 7 days Thursday 8 am to Wednesday 8pm.