Tuesday 26th May 2020

Online Learning

Work Summary

Pupils should continue to use Show my Homework to access work set for their classes that would normally take place each day this week. Work will be published on a daily basis by subject teachers.

Planning the Day

Consistent routines are important for behaviour and wellbeing in school and our routines at home have changed significantly. Routines support behaviour and you will be finding a new rhythm with your family. You could share this checklist with your child. Talk to them to help them plan their new routines.

Establishing Good Routines

Check out this video and download the planning document to help you establish a suitable routine for learning at home.

Show My Homework

Please consult the Learning Guidance section if you need assistance using packages or need to know how to log in.

Learning Guidance

Details of how to access applications and sites can be can be found on the Learning Guidance pages.

IT Support

Contact our IT Support team by email.

Stay in Touch

Pupils should continue to monitor their email accounts this week and pay particular attention to the requirement to reply to the weekly contact from their form tutor which should arrive on Monday.

Microsoft Email and Office 365 Guidance