Remote Learning Area

"The curriculum meets the needs of all pupils so that they are prepared for a broad range of post-16 pathways when they leave school." (Ofsted)

Remote Learning Area

Summer Term 2021

It is intended that learning will take place in school during the summer term. In the event of a class isolating teachers will make learning material for the lesson available on Teams Assignments. Where possible, a live lesson will be conducted online. Our policy for Remote learning is available in the parent area of the website.

Microsoft Email and Office 365 Guidance

Pupils have all been given an Office 365 account which includes Outlook email and One Drive access, including lots of storage space for work, as well as, online access to a range of software applications e.g. MSWord, MSPowerpoint, Teams, One Note etc.

Please read the below document carefully so you can set up your accounts on devices for the Autumn term.


Online Learning using Teams

We are advising that pupils download the Teams application to a device at home but if they do not want to do this they can access a cloud-based version by logging into Microsoft office 365 using this link or typing it into the browser. (Chrome tends to work best)

They will then be asked to log in, and username and password are the same as their school email address and password.

Once logged into Teams they will see classes. Classes for this academic year are labelled with 2020 (some older classes may appear as a result of our trials last year, they can hide these classes from view if you choose to).

If you have any further issues contact IT support (

The following videos may be of use if you are struggling to set the application up

Online Learning using Teams

Installing teams on your device

Students guide to using teams, your virtual classroom

How to use the catch-up notebook

Completing assignments in Teams

Please be aware we are no longer using Satchel (Show My Homework) ".

Planning the Day

Consistent routines are important for behaviour and wellbeing in school and our routines at home have changed significantly. Routines support behaviour and you will be finding a new rhythm with your family. You could share this checklist with your child. Talk to them to help them plan their new routines.

Supporting Home Learning Routines - Planning the Day

Establishing Good Routines

Check out this video and download the planning document to help you establish a suitable routine for learning at home.

Learning Guidance

Details of how to access other applications and sites can be can be found on the Learning Guidance pages. There are also links to many of these on the foot of the website homepage

Learning Guidance

IT Support

Contact our IT Support team by email.

IT Support Team