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St Margarets Academy

About our Academy

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St. Margarets Church of England Academy


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Whether you are a student, parent, member of staff, 'old boy' (or girl) or simply a passing surfer, thank you for visiting our website: you are very welcome here.

What we do

Informing parents

We work hard to inform parents/carers of the progress being made by their children. We also inform them at an early stage if there is any cause for celebration or concern.

We always encourage parents / carers to contact school as a matter of urgency if they have any worries or questions.

We regularly send out letters of commendation to our parents/carers.


Take a look at our most recent Ofsted Inspection report.

We are a Church of England Academy celebrating Christian values: compassion, Endurance, Forgiveness, Friendship, Justice, Peace, Trust and Wisdom.


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Help Desk

For enquiries / app access and support with your learning online or for support deploying
Teams / One Note and Office Apps, please contact us - 8.00am to 5.30pm Monday - Friday

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