Safer Internet Day (Tuesday 9th February)

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Safer Internet Day (Tuesday 9th February)

An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world

This year in the UK, Safer Internet Day explores reliability online. The internet has an amazing range of information and opportunities online, but how do we separate fact from fiction?

In our Learning for Life Lessons next week our pupils will explore how they decide what to trust online and how influence, persuasion and manipulation can impact young people’s decisions, opinions and what they share online.The lessons will also look at the emotional impact that navigating a misleading online world can have on young people and why it is important to create a supportive, critical and questioning culture online that encourages debate and discussion. Young people need to acquire the skills to support one another, and the strategies to spot and speak out against harmful and misleading content online.

In order to decide on a theme that was important to young people the organisers of the day spoke to them about the types of content they see online and found fake news and inaccurate content to come up often. Safer Internet Day 2021 will look at why such  inaccurate content exists, where it comes from, and what young people can do in response.

The issues of misinformation and ‘fake news’ do not solely affect young people, but these issues do have a great impact on how young people feel about their time online.

It is important to equip young people with the skills they need to spot inaccurate content, which can sometimes be a complex task. Once young people feel more comfortable separating fact from fiction it is important that they are helped to take the next steps in helping to create an internet full of trustworthy and reliable information.

The online world is a great source of information for young people and adults alike, and opportunities to research, learn new facts or skills, and even broaden viewpoints are extremely important to all internet users. The internet is also an important way for young people to build positive relationships - to play, interact and share their lives with their peers. As they navigate these social spaces, they are constantly making decisions about who and what to trust online in the context of playing games together and socialising online. Safer Internet Day gives young people the chance to build the skills they need to be able to make the best decisions as they navigate an online world where everything is not always as it seems.

For further useful information for parents:

Local Event 1:30pm 9th February Safer Internet Day with Liverpool FC

Returning for another year, Liverpool FC will be joining us for a live event this Safer Internet Day to talk about the theme of reliability online. With their support, this important topic around online safety will reach as many young people as possible.

This event will take place on the UK Safer Internet Centre YouTube Channel available on the link below.