Wednesday 28th October 2020

Well Being Day

The whole school community was onboard this week for our Well-being Day which gave students the opportunity to take part in different workshops, as well as looking at mental health within our lessons.

In the Yoga workshop the boys participated in Hatha yoga, which relieves stress, with techniques to decompress and stretch, as well as mindfulness and meditation. All aimed to enhance physical, mental, environmental and spiritual health.

Merseyside Dogs Home have a core belief that “bringing dogs and people closer together not only benefits the dog, but can bring a range of benefits to individuals and to the community. It enriches the lives of children and adults in a way that otherwise could not occur.” We certainly witnessed this during our Well-being Day. Alfie, Cookie-Monster and Storm were so well-behaved during their time with our students. They were patted, cuddled and adored by students in all year groups. This opportunity for pat the dogs visibly reduced stress and anxiety whilst bringing pleasure. It also helped the dogs to greet new people and to feel appreciated. We were all very sad to see them leave at the end of the afternoon.

Toxteth Fire Service brought their engine on to our large yard. They gave Y7 students the opportunities to ask question about the role. Our boys were able to learn about the how those in emergency services deal with stressful situations, as well as sit in the engine and try on all the firefighting uniform. We think we have definitely got some future fire fighters amongst our students.

Everton in the Community held classroom sessions with some Year 8 and 9 students. They learned about resilience, stress and coping mechanisms, as well as having a game of emoji bingo! It was a thoroughly fun-filled session which the boys got a lot from. Too bad Jack, the leader, was a Man U supporter!

Staff got to visit the 'Fruit Bus' which arrived in the school car park over lunch time. The display of produce within the bus was gloriously bright. They used the opportunity to buy fresh fruit and healthy vegetables to share with colleagues and their families.