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Revision Cloud

No doubt you have copied resources you needed , as advised in school to your Office 365 "One Drive" accounts, from the school curriculum drive. If you need any further access you can click here for viewable access to all the school revision resources. These resources are readable electronically and can be printed. They cannot however, be downloaded, that has to be done in school.

As we move into the latter stages of preparation for external examinations we are ensuring that all students in Year 11 have access to the support and resources they need to prepare.

  • Individual timetables have been issued to all the students.
  • The whole school timetable is available on this page
  • A weekly newsletter is being published that contains useful information, hints, tips and resources
  • A list of all the subjects and the specification they study is on this page
  • Students have access to online resources. There are links to these on the newsletters
  • The Revise ‘Til Five Programme is continuing until Easter – see issue 1 and 2 of the Countdown Newsletter for info
  • Useful contacts for support are listed in the newsletters
  • Students can access online applications via their office 365 login – details of how to are in “Countdown” newsletter Two
  • Students can copy revision resources from the Curriculum Year 11 area for subjects
  • Some of these resources are on our cloud store too. For info on accessing this see” Countdown” Issue Two
  • Each Key Stage Four subject has its own page on the website too which may have additional info and links (NB. Please use the latest "Exam Course Details 2019" below for up to date course info)

We are currently collecting parental views on the Year 11 support and information and especially on Revise ‘Til Five.

Do contact the school if you need support. Useful email contacts are on the newsletters.

Parents - here is a copy of the 2019 Parental Survey. Please fill this in and submit it online if you have not already given us your views at the recent Parents Consultation Evening

Year 11 Survey