Resource Centre

"Students are proud of their school. Their welcome to visitors is impeccable and reflects their confidence and security in the school. Students adhere strictly to the uniform rules and are respectful of their building and its facilities." Ofsted 2015

The Learning Resource Centre is the hub of the school’s overall strategy in developing supported-self-study for its students.

The Centre boasts a contemporary design with ceiling to floor feature windows, 32 computer workstations, a library of 6,500 fiction and non-fiction books and display cabinets which showcase the students’ work. The main area of the Resources Centre houses the books and computer stations for students to work at. Additionally, there is a separate room which can be used for quiet reading or as a working space for small groups of students.

The Resources Centre/Library is open each day from 8.15 to 4.00 and is available for Breakfast Club before school, at breaktime, lunchtime and after school classes. Small groups and whole classes use the Centre during the rest of the day. Access to the internet and e-mail facilities is available to all years in the school.

The emphasis of the Centre is on independent learning. Students will be encouraged to research and gather information which they can continue to work on during their free time at break and lunch time with the support of the Learning Resource Manager. Students are asked to have a book to read with them during the school day to encourage wider reading which is required for GCSE/formal qualifications.