Friday 23rd October 2020

School Values and Gaelic Football Lessons

To help our Year 11s develop their leadership, independent and teamworker skills they were set a task of learning how to play and teach Gaelic Football.

They learnt the skills of the game and they produced a lesson based around Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (working as a team, time management and reflecting on learning).

They based their lesson on the principles of the Olympics and our eight Christian Values in School emphasising endurance and friendship as the leading qualities blossoming in the activity.

The students taught their lessons to all of Year 7 and 8; they also went into feeder primary school Sudley and Halewood Church of England.

As part of the students leadership skills for their Duke of Edinburgh they will be training an under 14s Gaelic team in St Margaret’s to play some friendly matches against other schools in Liverpool in the spring term.