Wednesday 28th October 2020

School Volunteers help the Liverpool Marathon!

In October 2012, 30 of our Year 10 Volunteers gave up their free time to help out at water stations in Princes Park during the Liverpool Marathon. The students were awarded 4 voluntary hours for giving their time. Our Year 11 students were even more energetic, however, and, with some members of staff, ran the first 10k of the Marathon! This counts as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and also for their Voluntary Passports. The boys very bravely turned up at school at 8am on a very cold Sunday morning, and we are really proud to have such diligent and self-motivated students at St. Margaret's. We are one of the only schools in the North West who have a volunteering scheme. If you become involved, you will stand out from the crowd at interviews and employers will realise that you are an excellent candidate for placements. If you are interested, have a look at the L4L tab on the school website.

Once in a while someone comes along who is inspirational, courageous and an honour to know. David Devine is such a person. David is an old boy who has overcome his visual impairment with absolute determination and resolve to become a Paralympic medal winner not once but twice. He has never let his disability hold him back from achieving his dream and our school was thrilled and immensely proud when he was kind enough to visit us this term and talk about his fantastic sporting achievement. We wish David continued success in his sporting ventures.