Saturday 31st October 2020

Maths Enterprise Day

On 20th June the Y9 timetable was suspended so that students could take part in a Business Enterprise Day.

This was hosted by the Mathematics Department in partnership with NatWest Bank. Some of the Year 9 tutors were involved too.

Twenty groups competed as catering companies. The aim was to prepare a presentation, to tender for a special gala dinner for 100 visitors to Liverpool later in the year. The theme was European countries: Italy, Spain, Greece, France.

The morning was full of activity with everybody allocating roles and contributing to team work by designing menus, working out costs, making decorations and planning entertainment.

By the afternoon, each group was able to give a presentation to their form and the 5 finalists presented to the whole year group and panel of judges, in the hall.

Student feedback from previous years suggests that learning takes place in many areas, including:
teamwork, listening to others, leadership skills, presentation skills, time management and financial planning.