Sunday 5th July 2020

Summer Term: Online Learning from Monday 1st June 2020

Welcome to the new half term! This week sees the beginning of our modified online learning offer. In our most recent parental newsletter HERE we told you about how things would be simplified after half-term:-

Pupils would continue to check SMHW each day for the work set for the lessons they would have had, if they had been in school.

Most subjects are now assigning content from the Oak National Academy Virtual school. These online lessons are of a really good standard and there is enough for most subjects in our timetable although some subjects will be using BBC bitesize content because their subject has not yet got enough Oak lessons to cover all periods and one or two are finishing a topic from just before half term so may still use platforms such as SAM or Quizzizz this week. We hope all subjects will have transitioned by the start of the week of June 8th.

Teachers will publish the dedicated link to the lesson they wish you to do so it is important that you follow the link on SMHW.

  • This model reduces the need to access a large number of applications and platforms and allows better access to the learning material from a range of devices. In fact it will be possible to complete both the Oak National Academy lessons and the BBC Bitesize lessons on a smart TV or smart phone providing pupils also have access to a pen and paper.
  • We hope this will help families who are sharing technology between several children and adults working from home.
  • Pupils will continue to follow their normal timetables and links will be provided on SMHW that link to the Oak National Academy or BBC Bitesize lessons each day.
  • All work will be submitted via SMHW and will consist of a photograph as evidence  of the work completed.  (If your son cannot photograph the work please submit a comment or other attachment instead of the photographic file.)
  • Over the half time break Satchel, the team behind SMHW have made modifications to the way that comments and attachments can be added in SMHW to make it easier on all device types.
  • You can still contact our IT support helpdesk this week if you do have any issues but we hope you will soon become accomplished in producing evidence of your learning now we have moved over to a simpler set up.