Sunday 25th October 2020

Dyslexia Awareness Week

Thursday 6th October 2016

During Dyslexia Awareness Week, we invite all parents to seek advice for the difficulties which their child may face whether there is a diagnosis of specific learning difficulty or your child struggles generally from day to day. Specialists from all over the city will come together to provide you with strategies for supporting your child at home and as your child progresses to further education. We look forward to welcoming the following experts in the fields of literacy, numeracy and specific learning difficulties:

The Careers Service

  • Liverpool John Moores University
  • Barrington Stoke
  • Dyslexia Action
  • Educational Psychology Services
  • The School Counselling Team
  • Dawn McColl - The Liverpool Local Offer

Stephen Wilcox Optometrist

  • ADDvanced Solutions
  • iPad app Demonstrations
  • Technology Support
  • Intervention Support
  • Show My Homework Guides
  • Michelle Pemberton from Allerton Dyslexia Centre

“Dyslexia affects one in ten people in the UK. Within our school community, we strive to recognise that dyslexia can affect individuals differently and seek to explore strategies of support.”