Friday 23rd October 2020

St Margaret's Academy Reading Quality Mark

St Margaret’s has always known that reading matters. Our last two Ofsted reports have both highlighted the good work done in the school around literacy, and we have long been proud of our large, well-stocked and much loved library. All boys in the school carry a reading book with them as a matter of course, and most form tutors encourage their tutees to read on a regular basis in morning registration time.

In November we were visited by an assessor from School Improvement Liverpool who accredited the school with the prestigious Reading Quality Mark, which was designed to promote reading for enjoyment amongst children. The award is confirmation of the value the school places on reading and that all at St Margaret’s realise the impact good reading habits can have on a child’s education, and wider development.

The school has invested significant resources in encouraging our boys (and our staff!) to see reading as a crucial skill, and we were commended for the variety of activities we run, from pupil-led book swaps to reading groups to staff sharing recommendations with their pupils to buddy reading schemes.

Not only were we hoping for external verification of the good work we’re doing in school, but we were also hoping to get some valuable pointers in terms of building on that work, which is exactly what we got. So there’s no fear of us putting our books back on the shelves and letting them gather dust… watch this space for further developments in the world of reading!