Monday 26th October 2020

1963 - 2013 Celebrating 50 Years in Aigburth!

Friday 27th September marked 50 years since St. Margaret's school moved from Anfield to the new site in Aigburth. In 1961, The Archbishop of York, Dr Donald Coggan, laid the Foundation Stone on Michaelmas Day.

The school then opened on 5th September 1963.

To mark this special occasion in our school's history, a special service of celebration was held in St. Anne's Parish Church, followed by the rededication and blessing of the school's Foundation Stone.

Afterwards, there was a reception in the School Hall and an opportunity to catch up with old friends and colleagues.

We had many special guests share with us this very special occasion, and we are deeply grateful to them for their presence. One such special guest was Warren Ryland, pictured below. Now, 87 years young, Warren attended St Margarets in the original school from 1937 to 1941. Warren was a keen singer in the then choir, and due to unforeseen circumstances, his Choir Master left to join the army to fight in World War 2, and so Warren, still a pupil, was promoted to Choir Master.