Friday 23rd October 2020

Prison Talk

As part of the Religious Studies GCSE syllabus our students study an ethics module entitled ‘Religion, Peace and Justice’. Within this module the students need to understand Christian attitudes towards to treatment of criminals. In order for the students to develop a deeper understanding of this topic we, as a department, invited Rev Katy Canty into school to deliver an afternoon session each year.

Rev Canty is the prison chaplain at Altcourse Prison, Liverpool. She delivered two afternoon sessions to all of Year 11 in February about the history of prisons, discussed with them if they are effective and stereotypes associated with criminals.

Students asked a variety of questions to Rev Canty regarding her attitude to such issues as providing education for prisoners, her opinion on the death penalty and what can be done within society to stop prisoners reoffending.

After the talk students felt more aware of the issues related to the aim of punishment such as reforming the prisoners.

Students starting Year 12 in September will be given the opportunity to go on a one-day visit to this prison to see the day to day running of this establishment. Some of the prisoners put on a short play each week and afterwards students will be able to listen to the prisoners describe their stories as to why they are there.

This is open to students who will be studying Religious Studies in Year 12.