Wednesday 28th October 2020

Solicitor Talk

As part of the Learning for Life scheme of work we invited people from different occupations to come into school to give practical career advice to our current Year 11s. In January, Chris Topping came in to talk to those Year 11s interested in taking up a career in Law. Chris is a partner in a local solicitors firm in Liverpool City Centre:

The firm also sponsors the school’s volunteering scheme.

Students asked a variety of questions ranging from A-level choices, what type of volunteering to get involved in, and which universities have the best reputation.

Chris was able to help the students understand what postgraduate qualifications are also needed to qualify as a solicitor. He also gave them interview tips and asked them questions as to why they are interested in this line of work and what personality traits do they feel are essential.

Students asked questions regarding morality and ethical issues related to the job, they also asked questions relating to work/life balance.

From student feedback on the talk they found it very beneficial to talk to someone who is actually doing the job instead of reading about it online.