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SMArt Talk

                                      Issue 38, March 2017

          Welcome...                                           would like us to supervise them until the

  the  March                                    normal finish time of 3:15pm, please let
          edition of SMArt-                                    us  know  (by  e-mail  to  the  main  school
          Talk.  As we draw                                    office)  and  we  will  make  the  necessary
          to the end of another busy term, there is            arrangements.
          (as ever) plenty of news to share with you
          about life in our Academy.
                                                               Autism Awareness Week
                                                                                          Next  week  we

          Farewell...                                                                     will  be  marking

                                     At the end of  term                                  Autism      Aware-
                                     we     are    saying                                 ness  Week.    As
                                     ‘Goodbye’  to  Mr                                    you  may  know,
                                     Pegram.         John                                 autism       affects
                                     joined  our  school                                  how  a  person
                                     as  a  Design  and        thinks, feels and learns, and we believe it
                                     Technology  teach-        is  crucial  that  teachers  and  pupils  know

                                     er  back  in  1999,       and  understand  as  much  as  possible
                                     and  has  taught          about the condition.

                                     hundreds of pupils        There will be a full programme of events
          during his 17+ years here.  I am sure that           here  at  St  Margaret’s  to  help  equip  us
          many  of  them  will  have  fond  memories           with an understanding of autism and the
          both of his teaching, and of his humanity:           knowledge to accept and empathise with
          his  warmth  and  his  wit  have  certainly          autistic people.  A highlight of the week is

          been appreciated by his colleagues in the            set to be the ‘market place’ event taking
          Department  and  across  the  school.    I           place on Thursday (6th April), which will
          know all of us would want to assure him              bring together a host of professionals to
          of our thoughts and prayers for his health           offer  advice  to  parents  and  pupils  who
          as he retires from our school.                       want to learn more about how they can

          In order to give colleagues here a chance            support  those  with  autism.    Do  come

          to  mark  John’s  retirement  in  the  usual         along if you would like to find out more!
          way, lessons will be finishing 20  minutes
          early on Friday  7th  April (the last day of
                                                               Online safety
          term).    Pupils  will  therefore  be  released
                                                               School  Improvement  Liverpool’s  Paul
          from school at 2:55pm — although if you
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