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SMArt Talk

                                             Issue 24, December 2015

          Welcome...                                           Linda Doyle

  a  ’Christmas                                 One  of  our  Learning
          special’  edition  of                                Support       Assistants,
          SMArtTalk!    I  am                                  Linda  has  supported
          very much looking                                    one  of  our  pupils  for
          forward  to  our                                     the years he has been
          Carol Service in the Cathedral at 12:30pm            in St Margaret’s — and

          this Friday — it would be great to see you           she  also  supported
          there if you are able to  join us.  I know           him throughout primary school too.  Both
          that many of us are also looking forward             he, and everyone else who knows her, are
                                                               sorry to see Linda leave us.  Good luck for
          to our Christmas holidays too.
                                                               the future, Mrs Doyle!

          Farewell...                                          Beryl Evans
          Three  members  of  our  support  staff  are                              Beryl     first   started
          leaving  us  this  term  and  I  would  like  to                          working in our Finance
          mark  their  particular  contributions  to  St                            Office  shortly  after  St

          Margaret’s.                                                               Margaret’s  became  a
                                                                                    Grant        Maintained
          Joan Bogue                                                                School  in  the  mid-
          Thousands  of  SMA                                                        1990s.    We’re  very
          students  will  fondly                                                    grateful  to  her  for  the

          remember  Mrs  Joan                                  way  she  has  guided  us  all  through  the
          Bogue,       who      has                            many (and frequent!) changes that have
          watched  over  our                                   been  made  to  accounting  procedures
          lunch-time        queues                             over  the  years  —  particularly,  perhaps,
          (amongst many other duties) for over 30              over  the  period  when  we  converted  to
          years.  She is held in very high affection           Academy  status.    Beryl  retired  a  few

          by any number of our pupils and I know               weeks  ago  with  our  best  wishes  for  her
          they have no hesitation in describing her            good health and happiness.
          as  a  ‘leg’  (as  in  ‘legend’).    None  of  us
          were  surprised  when  she  was  awarded
          the Dr David Dennison prize this year for            Staffing appointments
          her outstanding contribution to life at St           A  fair  proportion  of  our  students  have
          Margaret’s.  She leaves us with every best           been involved in appointing new staff this
          wish for a long and happy retirement.                past  half-term,  either  by  taking  part  in
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