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friends                                                                           A bi-annual Community Magazine

                                                                                         issued to students, parents, former
                                                                                         students, primary schools, parishes
                                                                                         and the business sector

           of St Margaret’s                                                                     Summer 2008

                                       St Margaret’s                       Bonjour! Hola! Guten Tag! Buongiorno!
                                       St Margaret’s
              amici                    Success                             St Margaret’s, which has been a specialist
                                                                           Technology College since 1997, has been awarded a
                                                                           second specialism by the Government’s Department
              amigos                   Rewarded                            for Children, Schools and Families.
                                       with Second                         Following our successful 2007 Ofsted report and a
                                       with Second
              freunde                  Specialism                          place in the top 30% of high performing specialist
                                                                           schools, St Margaret’s has now been designated as
                                                                           both a Technology and Language College.
                                                                           The School’s successful Modern Foreign Languages
                                                                           department will be provided with extra resources to
                                                                           enrich the current curriculum and learning activities
                                                                           as well as to develop partnerships with other schools
                                                                           to share St Margaret’s expertise.
                                                                           Headmaster, Dr David Dennison said,
                                                                           “Bringing these two specialisms together is both
                                                                           exciting and challenging. As new technology brings
                                                                           people and their cultures closer together across the
                                                                           globe, studying languages becomes even more
                                                                           important in preparing students for living and
                                                                           working in the 21st Century.”

      Culture Team Takes
      Culture Team Takes
      Top Accolade
      Top Accolade
      The impressive St George’s Hall was the
      venue, the prestigious Roscoe Lecture the
      event, when St Margaret’s social enterprise
      project, Streets of Culture received the
      John Moores University Citizenship Award
      from Lord Alton and Professor Ian Tracey.
      Tom Carney and Peter Ball represented the
      team that had raised £1,000 for Children in
      Need as a result of sales from the acclaimed
      Streets of Culture computer game. Working
      in partnership with Liverpool Hope University,
      state of the art software company, Lateral
      Visions and Jaguar Land Rover, the project
      was the subject of an Inspirations      Peter Ball and Tom Carney are pictured receiving the Award with
                                              Professor Ian Tracey (right) and Lord Alton in St George’s Hall
      programme made for Teachers TV.

                                                                                          The Headmaster and Governors
                                                                                          thank Lateral Visions, specialists in
                                                                                          interactive 3D software solutions,
                                                                                          for their financial support of this
                                                                                          community magazine
        “Achievement by Faith and Work”
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