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Why choose A-Level Art & Design?

        •  Highly successful department.
        •  We promote creativity and independent thinking.
        •  You will create a portfolio of work which will help you successfully apply to further education.
        •  We encourage you to experiment and take risks. We want you to discover how to think creatively
           and solve your own problems.
        •  You will learn a host of transferable skills including creative new media.
        •  Students are encouraged to view works of art at first hand whenever possible.
        •  Visits to galleries and museums are an integral part of the course in addition to weekend
           residential trips for both Art courses.
        •  Enrichment program, visiting galleries and exhibition spaces as part of students’ progression.
        •  Four Art and Design teachers to bounce ideas off, all with different disciplined backgrounds.

        Component 1 (60%); The Personal Investigation consists of two integrated parts:
        1. a major in-depth critical, practical and theoretical investigative project/portfolio and outcomes
        based on themes and subject matter that have personal significance.
        2. an extended written element of 1000 words minimum, which may contain images and texts and
        must clearly relate to practical and theoretical work using an appropriate working vocabulary.

        Component 2 (40%); Is an externally set assignment worth 40% of the overall A-Level. It is internally
        marked and externally moderated and will start February 2020.                                                Entry Requirements
           @SMASixthForm                                                                                             Grade 5 in GCSE Art

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