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                                      What will I learn?

                                      •  Students complete one coursework unit in each year of the course.
                                      •  Work ranges from portraits to printmaking and students are required to study
                                        a variety of Art and Design genres, techniques and styles within each topic.
                                        Students are guided systematically throughout the course.
                                      •  Students use work journals to record their research, experiments and thinking
                                        around their chosen theme. They function as visual diaries and provide much
                                        of the evidence for assessment at the end of the course. All students have
                                        an A1 professional folder to present their work for moderation and to take to

                                      Component 1 (60%); The Personal Investigation consists of two integrated parts:
                                      1. a major in-depth critical, practical and theoretical investigative project/portfolio
                                      and outcomes based on themes and subject matter that have personal
     A-Level                          significance.

                                      2. an extended written element of 1000 words minimum, which may contain
     Start Date                       images and texts and must clearly relate to practical and theoretical work using
                                      an appropriate working vocabulary.
     September 2020

                                      Component 2 (40%); Is an externally set assignment worth 40% of the overall
     Finish Date                      A-Level. It is internally marked and externally moderated and will start February 2020.
     June 2022

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