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                                      What will I learn?

                                      You will be taught A-Level Biology through both theory and practical lessons. This will be further
                                      supported by the use of ICT and background reading to extend and enrich your biological knowledge
                                      and understanding. The following topics are included:

                                      •  Cells; Enzymes; Digestion; Disease; the Heart; Lungs and Immunity.
                                      •  Variation; DNA and Meiosis; Genetic Diversity; Exchange and Transport in plants and animals;
                                        Classification and Biodiversity.
                                      •  Populations; Selection; ATP; Photosynthesis; Nutrient cycles and Genetic variation.
                                      •  Stimuli; Coordination; Muscles; Sliding filament theory; Homeostasis; Feed-back; Gene therapy and
                                        Genetic Fingerprinting.
                                      •  Investigative and practical skills.

     Qualification                    •  Maths skills.
                                      For full course details see the websites:

     Start Date             

     September 2020         

     Finish Date
     June 2022

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