Meet Our Student Council

Chair's Welcome

Fellow Students, Parents and Carers

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Student Council Area of the St. Margaret's Church of England Academy website.

The Student Council is far more than an area to go to complain about different matters within general school life. More than that, it is an arena which provides students inter-year relations, dealing with a vast array of issues, from matters of academia, and student experiences in school, to social events and activities outside of school.

The Election Process

The Academy Council is adopted by students, and this is clearly illustrated by the election process in which an assembly of highly passionate Student Councillors are voted for by you to represent your interests within and outside of school. I am honoured to work alongside each of them and commend them on their efforts.

Student Council Ethos

Student Democracy

Student Democracy plays a very important part in the day-to-day proceedings of St Margaret's Academy. Since 1998, the Student Council has worked for the better of our school and is the recognised, democratic practise of the Academy. Treated as a sub-committee of the Senior Management Team, the Academy Council functions on the principle... "Of the Students, for the Students, by the Students". And, as elected by you, the student body, the Student Council's motto is "Help us to help you".

How the Student Council works

Each individual Form Group elects two Form Representatives, collectively as a year, and these ten representatives create a Year Committee. Each Year Committee then elects two representatives to sit, as members of the Student Council, as their Year Representatives. It is because of this system, every student has a voice, and every idea is noted with every request acted upon.