Meet Our Student Council

Leadership & Administration

  • Chair: Cameron Ward – 10R
  • Vice Chair: Nikesh Someswaran – 10S
  • Council Secretary: Jamie Foster – 10P

Names of the House Councillors

(Those in bold are Year Representatives)

Year 7

  • Crossley - Harry Brooker & Harry Foster
  • Langton - Sam Rohan & Matthew Wilson
  • Preston - Paul Pritchard & Samber Gaj
  • Royden - Aaron Dainton & Harishan Balanandeeswaran
  • Sheepshanks - Elliott Francis & Jayden Thompson
  • Walton - Areeb Imran & Ruben Dunning

Year 8

  • Crossley - Jack Cookson &  Khaleem Ho
  • Langton - Bobby Bowden – Davies & William Boulton
  • Preston - Harry Waite & Dylan Smith
  • Royden - Luke Schluter & Omar Tannerah
  • Sheepshanks - Anthony Furness & Jamie O’Neil
  • Walton - Charlie Osbourne & Yusuf Wafi

Year 9

  • Crossley - Kaylum Weaver-Jones
  • Langton - Max Holden, Tom Farrell & Euan Birkett
  • Preston - Joel Chacko & Faraz Hassangar
  • Royden - Reece Valentine & Sam Davies
  • Sheepshanks - Gideon Kavuma & Akash Someswaran
  • Walton - Karl Hughes & Thabit Thabit

Year 10

  • Crossley - Egan Law & Ayden Elman
  • Langton - Finlay Hitchman & Hao Teh
  • Preston - Ewan Hindley & Joseph Bashir
  • Royden - Cameron Ward (Chair) & Thomas Wilson
  • Sheepshanks - Nikesh Someswaren (Vice Chair) & Oliver Whitelaw

Council’s Mission Statement

The Student Council strives to make the environment at St Margaret’s Church of England Academy as enjoyable as it can be, through trying to improve all things big and small, whatever they may be, resulting in a happy and positive student body. We continue daily to make our school a place where students feel listened to, through discussions in forms and with the senior staff members of the school. No matter what a student has to say, it is our job and our commitment to listen to them. The Council in St Margaret’s is vital, making the learning environment a place where students and teachers have balanced positivity, in a harmonious and enjoyable atmosphere. We believe that the ideas of the student body should be valued, and the council makes that important link between the students and staff members at St Margaret’s.

What have we done so far this year?

  • This year’s council elections have given us 56 new or re-elected councillors;
  • A new position in the council’s structure has been made – Year Representatives are the two representatives of each year that take the ideas of each individual year group and discuss with the other Year Representatives; Chair and Vice Chair in Leadership meetings;
  • The previously broken vending machines have been brought back into use;
  • Talks have been happening between the Council and canteen staff to have the lunchtime burger counter used again;
  • Our Christmas Talent Show fundraiser is being organised to raise the money needed to make the students ideas happen.