Welcome from Our President

The Essemmay Association began with an idea. Four pupils of St Margaret's School in Anfield met in a class room and talked of founding a club for past pupils, an Old Boys' Association. The title of the club Essemmay came from the initials SMA, St Margaret's Anfield. These pupils only had ninepence in their pockets with which to fulfil their dream, yet over 80 years later the Essemmay Association is still thriving, having celebrated both its golden and diamond jubilees in some style. Just how did these four lads continue to make their ninepence do all this? The answer is that they ran a concert turning their ninepence into five pounds. Then with the five pounds they hired a tennis court and held more concerts and dances.

Today the Association's membership spans the decades, from pupils as far back as 1940 to present day students from the school's fifth and sixth forms. The most recent innovation has been the introduction of lady members from our mixed sixth form. The Association contributes two pages to the Friend's Magazine, the school's biannual journal and has an active football team in the Liverpool County Premier League Under 21 Youth Division, St Margaret's Old Boys Football Club.

In this way the aims and ideals of those four pupils are carried on, fulfilling the Association's aim of fostering good fellowship between former students and staff of supporting today’s Academy.

Mr S. Brierley
President of the Essemmay Association